Scientists discover why dolphins help people catch fish

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(ORDO NEWS) — It has long been observed that dolphins help people catch fish. Scientists now think they know why the animals do it – so the dolphins catch more fish and stay safe.

Such cooperation is beneficial for everyone!

The researchers studied drone footage, sonar and acoustic footage from the waters of Laguna, Brazil, where dolphins are moving in huge schools toward waiting fishermen.

In these waters, dolphins are especially active, as the fishermen themselves cannot see the fish underwater.

Dolphins dive, signaling to fishermen when to cast their nets, and they themselves receive a reward – stolen fish.

Dr. Mauricio Cantor of Oregon State University, who led the study, said: “Dolphins and humans share the same goal: to catch fish.

They can do it on their own, but have found that they do better as a team.”

Interspecies team

Scientists discover why dolphins help people catch fish 2

The data analysis showed that fishermen were 17 times more likely to catch a fish by cooperating, while dolphins were 13% less likely to die.

Clear evidence that the dolphins are benefiting is the sonar data showing that the animals are stealing fish from the nets.

Nearly two-thirds of the fishermen surveyed said they noticed or felt that the animals were taking part of their catch.


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