Scientists captured the moment of absorption of the galaxy

(ORDO NEWS) — Galaxies can merge or collide with each other – each of these circumstances has a significant impact on their shape and structure.

No matter how common these interactions are in the universe, scientists rarely manage to capture the moment of dynamic interaction between two large space objects.

An image published on the Hubble Space Telescope page shows an interacting pair of galaxies. The Seyfert galaxy NGC 169 is at the bottom, while IC 1559 is at the top.

Both galaxies are part of a structure called Arp 282 and have colossally active nuclei.

The tidal forces that occur between NGC 169 and IC 1559 occur when the gravity of one object causes another object to distort.

When two galaxies interact, gas, dust, and even entire solar systems are pulled from the smaller galaxy to the larger one.

In the image above, you can see the amazing process of the interaction of galaxies in action – pay attention to the formed thin streams of matter that visibly connect two space objects.


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