Scientists brought the brain of a dead animal back to life

(ORDO NEWS) — There is clinical and biological death. Clinical occurs when the heart stops, and the person can still be saved.

Biological death occurs when the brain dies. But, quite recently, scientists were able to “resurrect” the cells of the main human organ.

Neurologist Nenad Sestan works at Yale University. He studies the genes that develop neurons in the brain. Thanks to this person, it was possible to make a grand experiment and a stunning discovery.

About 9 years ago, one of the samples (brain) for research was delayed in London and was not delivered to the scientist in time. As a result, these cells died and became unusable for study.

The neurobiologist decided to first conduct an experiment and immerse the sample in a special liquid. The fact is that his colleagues had already done something similar before, after which some cells were restored.

But everything is completely different with the brain, if it is without air for several minutes, it will die. And here, the sample was without oxygen for several hours.

Scientists prepared a piece of the brain, poured a solution into a Petri dish and put a bit of the organ. It worked and some cells grew.

It was decided to repeat the experiment, and everything worked out again. After that, Sestan and his colleagues decided to try to “resurrect” a completely dead organ.

They did a huge amount of work before creating the BrainEx system in 2022. With its help, it was possible to revive some parts of the pig’s brain, which was brought to the laboratory from the slaughterhouse.

The organ was considered dead for 4 hours. The system revived the neurons, even the blood vessels started working.

Now the issue of biological death will definitely be reviewed. Perhaps, in the near future, with the help of new technologies, it will be possible to save many more people from death.


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