Why is the birthday of Jesus Christ celebrated on December 25

(ORDO NEWS) — No one knows the exact date of birth of Jesus Christ. The date and month are unknown, there are no references in the biblical scriptures, but most Christians celebrate it on December 25. There are two theories why this particular day was chosen.

The first theory, or rather the hypothesis, is closely intertwined with the “history of religion”. It is assumed that the birthday of the Son of God supplanted several pagan celebrations.

According to another theory, Christians used a special form of calculation to calculate this day.

Some experts believe that both assumptions are partially correct and there is some grain of truth in them.

Carl Nothaft, an employee of the college at the University of Oxford, also says this. Astronomy and chronology are closely related in his scientific works.

According to his research, December 25 was a significant day for the Roman Empire. This date was dedicated to Sol Invictus, the Sun God.

It is quite possible that in order to spread Christianity, a decision was made to supplant the most important holidays of those religions that existed at that time.

But this theory is easy to refute if there is evidence that the birthday of Jesus began to be celebrated earlier than the day of the sun god.

According to the theory of calculation, yes, the same one where a special calculation formula was applied, he was born on December 25.

If we calculate pregnancy and childbirth from the moment that is considered the day of conception, we get approximately this day.

The early followers of Christianity considered the day of the Messiah’s crucifixion as the day of his conception.

Some Christians believed that the Son of God was crucified on March 25. This is a key date in the calculation.

By the way, on the statue dating back to the 3rd century there is a record with calculations: when to celebrate Easter and information about the crucifixion.

It states that Jesus was executed on March 25, 29 AD at the age of 33. From this we subtracted age, 9 months of pregnancy and got 25.12. Both versions are imperfect, but may well be related.


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