Scientists believe that there is life in the universe, but it is not intelligent

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Scientists have been able to establish the likelihood that life is widespread in our universe, but the chances that it has intelligence are incredibly low.

Presumably, in the Universe there are more than 10 septillion planets and life can appear on any of them. It is worth noting that the probability of the presence of living beings on some planets is much higher than their absence.

Similar conclusions were drawn by renowned professor David Kipping. In order to make these calculations, the specialist used a certain tool, which is called Bayesian conclusion. With it, you can calculate the chances of an event, using a different number of assumptions and some data on whether life exists in the Universe.

Experts today do not know how often life can appear on different planets and how exactly it becomes rational. On Earth, intelligent life, unlike just living organisms, appeared only at the last stage of the planet’s existence. Most likely, the development of intelligence is an incredibly long process that takes billions of years.

Kipping had a question about how to return time back on our planet, how often life, as well as intelligent life, will reappear. The expert put forward four possible scenarios. After the algorithm was launched, it was possible to establish that the chances of the birth of life in each of the proposed cases are 9 times higher than the chances that it will be completely absent.

Kipping also added that if you replay the history of our planet, it is unlikely that intelligence will appear on it. Intelligent life is an incredible rarity that is found several times less than just ordinary life.


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