It became known that causes a shift in the Earth’s magnetic poles

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Recently, the North Magnetic Pole has begun to move quite rapidly towards Siberia and scientists cannot understand what the real causes of what is happening are hidden. But a few days ago, experts published a scientific article in Nature Geoscience, which explains quite well the situation that has arisen on the planet at the moment.

No one knows exactly what exactly forms the magnetic field of the planet. Most experts are inclined to the version that it was formed by the vortex motion of the metal melted at high temperature, which is located in the outer core of the Earth. This fact is also confirmed by computer simulation.

Two huge vortices are located in the region of the northern magnetic field. One of them is closer to Siberia, and the second is located in the region of Canada. These vortices can form something resembling craters in the nucleus, which move at an incredible speed all the time.

Depending on what position the vortices will take, a magnetic field is formed, which is recorded by scientists as a magnetic pole. If only one funnel moves, then the pole itself begins to move. If one funnel moves faster than the second, then a noticeable pole shift occurs.

This theory is quite interesting and to some extent allows us to explain the processes that currently occur in the atmosphere of the planet. Scientists also suggested that winds identical to those observed on the surface can blow in the outer core of the Earth. It is worth noting that no one knows how everything that happens for humanity will end; all that remains is to observe the development of events. But when the pole shift begins, then this will not be missed and left unattended.


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