Scientists are trying to uncover the secrets of aging and reverse it

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists from the Jackson Laboratory are participating in an ambitious research program to study senile cells.

They stop dividing in response to stress and seem to play a role in human health and the aging process. Ultimately, their work may allow, if not to reverse, then at least slow down aging.

Recent studies in mice, for example, have shown that the removal of senescent cells delays the onset of age-related dysfunction and disease, as well as all-cause mortality.

The researchers will collect and analyze 18 tissues from healthy individuals throughout life to identify the full range of senescent cells and their possible contribution to the aging process.

Over the past year, the SenNet consortium, which is engaged in the study of aging, has replenished with new researchers.

Some of them will be profiling senescent cells in the kidney, placenta, pancreas and heart – all tissues associated with chronic diseases of aging.

The team will use the genetically diverse resources of mice to model a range of molecular signs of aging.


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