Scientists are preparing to carry out laser correction of the weather

(ORDO NEWS) — At present, strong warming in the Earth’s atmosphere is one of the global problems. This led to the fact that the amount of precipitation decreased significantly. In this regard, scientists have a question: is it possible to “take over” control from nature and influence the weather themselves?

In an attempt to find an answer, American scientists have created a device that uses a laser to induce precipitation. Moreover, the experimental setup is capable of causing not only rain, but also thunderstorms. Since researchers have recently learned to induce precipitation, much needs to be carefully checked.

The device developed by American inventors consists of two small elements – a laser device and a bulb. The dimensions of the invention indicate that it is not worth waiting for a massive rainfall. Therefore, researchers are constantly working to increase the power of the laser. They expect to direct the laser into the atmosphere and influence the weather.

Scientists have already received a $ 7.5 million grant from the government to continue their work. However, it is worth noting that any human intervention in nature most often ended in nothing good, so it is worth thinking again before deciding on such steps. For example, causing rainfall can leave other regions of the planet without precipitation, where millions of people live. The scale of the disaster will be simply catastrophic.


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