Dangerous asteroids fly by the Earth every day

(ORDO NEWS) — The head of the Center for Planetary Defense Anatoly Zaitsev said that almost every day celestial bodies fly past our planet, which pose a serious threat to humanity. Despite the fact that they have different sizes, meeting with them is very dangerous.

Previously, researchers believed that asteroids are not so close to the Earth, however, long-term observation has shown that a lot of space objects cruise near our planet, which pose a threat to human life. According to Zaitsev, about 200 asteroids appear in the Earth’s sphere of gravity every 1.5-2 days.

The expert spoke about an asteroid that flew near the moon not so long ago. Its size reached 600 meters. Scientists have found that the trajectory of a celestial body was not dangerous for the Earth. However, when the asteroid collided with the Earth, little was left of our planet. The expert believes that such a collision would amount to three nuclear strikes.

Several years ago, Russian scientists developed the Citadel planetary defense system, designed to identify “uninvited guests from space” and thereby make our planet an impregnable fortress.

In theory, the project requires a pooling of efforts from different countries, including Russia, the USA, and China. They have every opportunity to implement this project and save life on the planet. However, practically nothing has been done in this direction, since the implementation of the protection system requires a decision at the international level, that is, an agreement must be reached between the countries. According to the expert, if such a decision had been made a few years ago, the first echelon of protection against asteroids would have already been created.


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