Samples of soil with alien material delivered from the Moon

(ORDO NEWS) — Chinese astronomers presented a report on how the study of soil samples delivered from the moon in December last year was carried out. They were delivered during the Chang’e-5 mission. The results surprised many experts, because 10% of the samples had a completely different chemical composition, which is not typical for the place of collection.

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The Chang’e-5 mission was launched at the end of November 2020. The main task was the delivery of soil from the satellite. It is worth noting that these were the first samples received since 1976. The module separated from the orbiter in use and then landed in the Ocean of Storms, which is located in the immediate vicinity of R├╝mker Peak.

Was collected about two kilograms of soil, which on December 16 came to our planet. Among the samples, fragments of the youngest soil were presented, which could only be collected on the surface of the Moon and delivered to Earth for further research in laboratory conditions.

Yuqi Qian from China Geological University and his colleagues analyzed the materials. During the study, the method of geological mapping was used, with the help of which it is possible to identify all the features of the area where the module was planted.

This place turned out to be the youngest region of the Moon. The samples are mainly represented by loose soil, formed in the last two billion years under the influence of impacts of asteroids and meteorites. 90% of the materials are marine basalts that cover most of the moon. 10% turned out to be “alien” materials, the composition of which differs from marine basalts. Most likely, these fragments were brought to the landing site from other regions of the satellite.


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