A man married a rice cooker and divorced four days later

(ORDO NEWS) — Hoirul Annam quickly became famous on social media as he became the first person to marry his own rice cooker. He posted on his Facebook page a series of photos of him wearing a beautiful wedding dress. He also decorated the white rice cooker to make it look festive. The man even put on a white veil on her.

It is reported by NDTV .

The pictures show how they sit together during the ceremony, and then the groom kisses the “bride”. Then the device for cooking rice is placed next to Khoirul, and he signs the documents confirming their marriage.

The newly-made husband signed the photo in a very original way. He noted that he married a rice cooker because she is obedient, loving, and also very good at cooking. The pictures attracted the interest of many Facebook users and quickly collected almost 10 thousand likes, as well as over 1200 comments.

A stranger story became after literally four days later, there were messages about a divorce . The reason was that the appliance can only cook rice, and this does not suit Hoirul. Of course, this wedding and further divorce is just entertainment that amused Facebook users.

Local news sites have shared information regarding the fact that Anam is considered quite popular in Indonesia, as he regularly takes part in all kinds of tricks aimed at entertaining his many followers.


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