Record speed exoplanet found, which lasts 16 hours

(ORDO NEWS) — With the help of NASA’s TESS satellite, scientists were able to discover an amazing planet with an incredible rotational speed. So, a year on it lasts only 16 hours. The body was named TOI-1685b.

From late November to late December 2019, the TESS telescope observed the M-class dwarf star TOI-1685. During this process, experts from the University of Heidelberg recorded a transit signal on the star’s light curve. Subsequent measurements showed the planetary character of the transit candidate.

Studies have revealed that the radius of an open body is approximately 1.7 Earth’s radius, while the mass exceeds 3.78 times. The density of the planet is 4.21 grams per cubic centimeter.

The exoplanet heats up to significant temperatures, so it was classified as one of the hottest ever observed. The star with the planet is about 122.5 light years distant from us.

Astronomers also drew attention to another planet TOI-1685C. Its orbital period is already 9.02 days. Subsequent observations will show whether the body really belongs to the system.


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