Guardian angels are real: heartbreaking story proves heavenly beings really exist

(ORDO NEWS) — Many people say that everyone has their own guardian angel, but to this day there is no exact answer to the question of their existence. Tom Meyer believes that 19th century ghost stories can be proof of the existence of celestial beings.

Guardian angels are found in different parts of the Bible and Jesus Christ himself spoke about them many times. Tom Meyer talked about how some scriptures can prove the truth of the 19th century ghost story told by American physician Silas Weir Mitchell.

The doctor said that one cold night, a little girl in rags knocked on his door and asked for help. She said that her mother was very bad. Dr. Mitchell went to the woman and after examination added that she had a very smart daughter. The woman was surprised by these words and said that her daughter had died a month ago.

After these words, the doctor concluded that he was visited by the ghost of a dead girl or a woman’s guardian angel. Tom Meyer, in turn, added that there are a huge number of such stories, although not all of them are taken seriously.


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