Rare albino shark caught off UK coast

(ORDO NEWS) — Jason Gillespie and his friends went out to sea on a fishing trip near the Isle of Wight. It was there that he managed to catch a very rare species of white shark.

The shark, which was about 1 meter in size, suffered from a rare genetic disease, leucistic, in which the skin completely loses all its pigment. As a rule, these sharks need to be released immediately, but the man, due to their rare color, took them on board first to take some incredible photos. Jason added that he has been fishing for 30 years and has never seen anything like it. The chances of catching such a fish are probably one in a million.

Leucism is a rare genetic disorder in which the skin, fur, scales, or feathers lose their normal color and become completely white. To some extent, the disease resembles albinism, but in this case only partial loss of pigment occurs. The eyes do not lose their normal color, so animals suffering from this rare disease look quite creepy.

Animals suffering from leucism are very rare and they, as a rule, do not live long in the wild due to the fact that they do not have a natural color and cannot hide from their enemies.

Jason quickly photographed the shark he caught and immediately released it into the ocean. This type of shark is very often found near the shores of Great Britain. They can even swim all the way to the Canary Islands. Head sharks feed on various small fish and crustaceans. Their peculiarity is that they can swim huge distances. It should be noted that they can be found in other parts of the planet, but not in such a large number.


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