Creepy pictures scared netizens: what’s wrong with old photos

(ORDO NEWS) — On various forums, you can find really creepy photos that make you think seriously. Not every picture can be reasonably explained.

The first photograph, taken in 1900 in Northern Ireland, shows 15 women workers in a linen factory. If you look closely at one woman on the right, you can see a hand on her shoulder, moreover, there is no extension of the hand. It is difficult to say who the brush was. It is possible that a female employee died in the factory shortly before the photo was taken, and in such a frightening way she decided to show her presence.

Some users believe that there is no hand in the photo: it is just a woman’s dress, which has crumpled into an awesome silhouette.

According to another version, in fact, there were 16 employees, but they decided to retouch one, missing some detail. Earlier, it is worth noting, they actively used retouching to gloss over people, especially if the photo was about political things. Everyone decides for himself which theory is the most plausible.


Another similar incident occurred in 1919. This year’s photograph shows British pilots of the First World War. The crew included Victor Goddard, who noticed his deceased friend in the photo. Some face is between the fourth and fifth males from above. Victor was able to recognize Freddie Jackson, who was chopped up by a screw a few days before the shooting. Here, with a high degree of probability, the deceased wanted to join the team.

If an extra brush can be explained without mystical overtones, then it is unlikely that it will work with the head of a dead aircraft mechanic. If it’s not a ghost, how could the face appear? Probably not without otherworldly forces.


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