Putin warns of using an unstoppable 20,000mph nuclear missile

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NEW YORK, BRONX (ORDO News) — Vladimir Putin has issued a renewed and ominous threat to the West, unveiling Russia‘s formidable Avangard hypersonic missile, which he claims is akin to a “meteorite” and boasts invincibility against interception by any existing or potential missile defense systems.

This nuclear-capable missile, now deployed in an underground launch silo in the Orenburg region near Kazakhstan, can reach speeds up to 20,000 mph—27 times the speed of sound. Its hypersonic glide vehicle, fired beyond Earth‘s atmosphere, can strike multiple targets globally within half an hour, according to Russian sources.

The Avangard’s installation involves highly sophisticated technological processes, taking several hours to complete, as described by the Russian defense ministry.

Vladimir Putin, the Russian leader, has consistently asserted that this weapon, the only one of its kind globally, is beyond the reach of any defense measures the Western powers may possess.

Putin warns of using an unstoppable 20,000mph nuclear missile (2)
Putin warns of using an unstoppable 20,000mph nuclear missile (2)

Putin has previously emphasized the Avangard’s extraordinary capabilities, likening its strike to a “burning ball” or a “fireball,” emphasizing its invulnerability to interception.

The Russian defense ministry provided details on the missile loading process, highlighting the complexity of the operations involved.

The unveiling of this advanced weapon comes amid heightened global tensions, with former US President Donald Trump warning of the looming prospect of World War III.

During an address at the Florida Freedom Summit in Kissimmee, Florida, Trump pledged to restore peace through strength, positioning himself as the only leader capable of preventing the onset of a third world war, asserting that the world is on the brink of such a catastrophic conflict.

Russian President Vladimir Putin
Russian President Vladimir Putin

As geopolitical tensions escalate, Putin’s unveiling of the Avangard serves as a stark reminder of the rapidly advancing military capabilities on the global stage and the strategic considerations that leaders must grapple with to navigate an increasingly complex and unpredictable international landscape.

The deployment of such cutting-edge technology underscores the need for diplomatic efforts to address conflicts and prevent the escalation of hostilities that could have dire consequences for global peace and stability.


News agencies contributed to this report, edited and published by ORDO News editors.

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