Psychologists have measured the level of their own I

(ORDO NEWS) — Scientists at the University of Derby have created a new psychological scale to measure ontological addiction.

According to the portal, it is about dependence on oneself, as well as how a person thinks that he exists.

A team of researchers led by Associate Professor of Contemplative Psychology, Dr. William Van Gordon, introduced the Ontological Addiction Scale (OAS).

This is the world’s first tool for working within the theory of ontological dependency (OAT). The scale shows that self-dependence can be quantified, which is important for mental health therapy.

The ontological theory of addiction is a metaphysical theory of mental illness in which psychological problems are presented in terms of excessive self-centeredness and false beliefs related to how a person exists.

As William Van Gordon noted, until now, researchers did not have a proven tool for assessing ontological dependence, and the authors of the new project decided to fix this.

A new tool can expand scientific understanding of the nature of certain psychological problems.


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