Psychologists have created an optical illusion – a black hole

(ORDO NEWS) — The image is a black spot with dots radiating from it, fading as they move away from the center. Due to this gradient, it seems that a person is looking into a black hole.

The aim of the study was to test the reaction of the organs of vision to images at the same actual level of illumination. The experiment involved 50 people who were provided with different images for detailed study.

The black and white version proved to be the most effective. When looking closely at the center of the black spot, the subjects’ pupils increased, this was noted in 86% of the participants. When considering a color or white version, there was no pupil dilation.

The experiment was carried out by Norwegian specialists in human psychology, with the help of which they proved that the expansion and contraction of the pupil is not a reflex action, but launched by a complex chain of interaction between the optic nerves and brain neurons.

The light in the room was at an acceptable level, however, the participants, for whom the black spot left the illusion of entering a tunnel or a dark cave, recorded corresponding changes in pupil size, which was not practically necessary for vision.


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