Plasmoids in photographs – what are they?

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(ORDO NEWS) — Sometimes objects appear in photographs that are not visible to the naked eye. Most often these are balls of different sizes and colors. Skeptics tend to explain this phenomenon by film defects, water droplets or dust particles on the camera lens, etc. But everything is not so simple …

Mysterious balls

About two years ago, relatives from the provinces came to the author of the article in Tsarskoe Selo. We walked around the city, visited almost all the sights. And, of course, they were photographed against the background of historical monuments. When they began to look through the finished pictures, they suddenly found two rather strange ones. They caused confusion and lively discussion.

The guests’ daughter was photographed against the background of the Church of the Sign. This temple, located next to the Lyceum, is the oldest building in the city. It was built in 1747. In this church, Pushkin-lyceum student prayed together with his classmates. The energy is especially strong here.

So, when we looked at the pictures taken with a camera with good optics, we saw above the girl’s head, at a distance of about half a meter, level with the portico of the temple, two small balls of pale blue color. Where did they come from? Maybe glare (the day was sunny)? Or dust particles on the lens?

But the same picture, only from a different angle, was taken with a smartphone. And the same two balloons above the girl’s head were captured on it! Here you can’t refer to camera defects. Adults gossiped about the nature of the strange phenomenon, but did not come to a consensus.

Children of the Sun

Such balls, “spoiling” a carefully selected exposure, are captured in many photographs. Experts interpret this phenomenon ambiguously. Let us give the most seemingly exotic hypothesis, which, nevertheless, explains it with the greatest possible reliability.

It turns out that these balls even have their own name – plasmoids (or orbs). According to the scientific definition, “a plasmoid is a plasma system structured by its own magnetic field.” In other words, it is a bunch of energy that has a certain temperature and radiates heat in the infrared range, which the human eye does not perceive. But he is caught by camera lenses. And it turns out that plasmoids, invisible to us, appear in photographs.

There are a lot of plasmoids in energetically saturated places that attract tourists. For example, plasmoids love old temples and other historical monuments, respect anomalous zones, cemeteries, burial grounds and other places with strong negative energy.

Currently, a popular hypothesis in science is that plasmoids played a leading role in the origin of life and intelligence on Earth. And our Sun is to blame for this. When flashes occur on it, streams of plasma and magnetic-plasma formations, plasmoids, fly from it at a terrible speed – several hundred kilometers per second. Reaching the Earth, they cause changes in its ionosphere, magnetic storms. And this has a significant effect on biological, geological, psychological and even historical processes.

Spirit and soul

Scientists assume that plasmoids are an intelligent, more perfect than biological, life form. The highly organized solar and terrestrial plasmoids could have played a key role in the origin of life and intelligence on the Blue Planet. Indeed, the likelihood of the emergence of complex chemical systems by random combinations and chaotic mixing of simple molecules is negligible. As critics of the generally accepted theory of evolution note, it is more likely that a hurricane sweeping through a scrap metal dump will collect a brand new Boeing, or Pushkin’s novel Eugene Onegin will be formed from randomly scattered letters, than complex protein molecules are synthesized from simple substances of the Earth’s primary ocean by simple mixing.

Most likely, the chemical processes on the young Earth did not proceed chaotically, but were directed by highly organized plasmoids. The birth and further evolution of protein-nucleic acid systems took place in close interaction with them. Over time, this interaction became more and more subtle, rose to the level of the psyche, soul, and then the spirit of increasingly complex living organisms. The spirit and soul of living and intelligent beings is a very thin plasma matter of solar and terrestrial origin.

Critters are the masters of the planet?

Confirmation of the above can be found in cultures, mythology, religions of different peoples. Since ancient times, the main phenomena of a person’s spiritual life have been associated with fire, that is, with plasma. Ancient peoples revered fire as the main spiritual element. For example, in ancient Greek mythology, Prometheus brings people a spiritual gift in the form of heavenly fire. In the Old Testament, God appeared to Moses in the form of a burning bush – a burning bush, and Isaiah – in the guise of a fiery seraphim. Finally, the spiritual world in the Roerichs’ teachings is the Fiery World.

And now plasmoids are present on Earth. Our planet is surrounded by a hot (more than 1000 degrees), rarefied layer of plasma – the ionosphere (at an altitude of 60 to 1000 kilometers) and a magnetic field, which forms several nested radiation belts at altitudes from 2400 to 60,000 km. The radiation belts of the Earth are a real reserve for all kinds of plasmoids, mainly of solar and galactic origin.

Plasmoids are also found in the denser layers of the Earth’s atmosphere, even near its surface. The most common plasma phenomena here are lightning and fire. But not only. Scientists discovered the presence of plasma formations invisible to the eye near the Earth’s surface. They called them critters, that is, “creatures.” Critters are recorded by modern sensitive scientific equipment. They have the form of amoeboid structures, drops, dolphins, griffins, move at speeds of up to 1,500 kilometers per hour at various altitudes, hover over large fires, over large industrial complexes, and follow airliners. They gravitate towards zones of radioactive or magnetic anomalies.

Red is dangerous

Each person has their own guardian angel. There is speculation that it is actually a plasmoid, usually white or light blue in color. He accompanies his ward throughout his life.

But there are other plasmoids as well. These are usually reddish, pale or bright crimson balls that are not very large – about 10 centimeters in diameter. They represent either the souls of the dead or demonic entities of the so-called lower world.

The latter are strong enough, resourceful and dangerous. Their penetration into the human soul and body leads to severe forms of obsession, accompanied by mental inadequacy, auditory and visual hallucinations … It is not easy to get rid of such visitors. Most often you cannot do it on your own. We need the help of a person with powerful energy: a psychic or even an exorcist priest.

Rulers of the universe

Plasmoids live not only on Earth. In fact, they are the masters of the universe. Let us remind that a plasmoid is a subtle-energetic being, which is embodied not in a physical body, but in a body consisting of energies, electromagnetic waves. Something like an intelligent ray of light or an intelligent electromagnetic wave. These are energies of a certain type, speed of propagation and direction of vibrations, which are not carried by matter. The body of intelligent beings can consist of these fields. The most vivid example available to human vision will be ball lightning.

There are tens of times more plasmoid civilizations in our galaxy than humanoid ones. And they actively seek contact with humanoids. Perhaps they appear as UFOs that hover over the Earth from time to time.

But not all people are ready for these contacts. Plasmoids treat us like children, protect us, warn us against unseemly actions, and sometimes punish us.

Most of the plasmoid civilizations are closer to the core of our galaxy. There is a lot of energy to feed them and build their worlds.

But in our “province” they find food for themselves. And a person helps them in this – their favorite creation. The plasmoid is fueled by the emotions and brain activity of its ward – and in turn stimulates them. Everyone benefits from this symbiosis.


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