Physicist proves paradox-free time travel is possible

(ORDO NEWS) — To date, no one has ever done time travel. But scientists do not stop and the question of whether this is possible at least theoretically is still actively discussed and studied by them.

As you can see in many films, a trip to the future can provoke serious changes in the past and a person then in many cases will not be able to return.

This puzzle is called the grandfather paradox. In early autumn 2020, Germaine Tobar from the University of Queensland, which is located in Australia, said that he already knows how to start time travel without such paradoxes. He added that if the state of a particular system is known at a particular time, then in this way it is possible to find out the entire history of the presented system.

Calculations made by experts suggest that space-time has the potential to adapt. Due to this, it is quite possible to avoid all sorts of paradoxes.

As an example, a time traveler was given who went back in time and tried to defeat a certain disease. If everything worked out for him, then the time of the traveler would not have this disease and he would no longer need to defeat it.

Tobar suggests that diseases could find other ways of development in order to eliminate the arisen paradox. This suggests that the traveler can take a variety of actions, but he still will not be able to defeat the disease.


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