Nostradamus named the date of the devastating earthquake in California

(ORDO NEWS) — 2021 may turn out to be even more terrible than 2020. This will happen if the predictions of Nostradamus come true at least partially.

The French astrologer made some very interesting predictions in his 1555 book. Most of Nostradamus’s forecasts are extremely vague, but astrologers believe that it was 2021 that played an important role for the prophet.

Experts believe that it was the coronavirus pandemic that became the beginning of a huge number of misfortunes that humanity will have to endure. Nostradamus listed many of them, including famine across the planet.

If you take into account the Annual Horoscope, in 2021 a zombie apocalypse with a virus that will be released by scientists may occur. Nostradamus said that 2021 could be exactly the moment when the climate reaches its maximum point of change.

This forecast is confirmed by the fact that the climate is changing rapidly, and the water level in the world’s oceans continues to rise. Also, Nostradamus warned that a terrible earthquake would happen in California. He even named the date of the disaster – November 25, 2021.


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