Phrases that men should not say

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Any loving man always tries to be a knight in sparkling armor for his half.

But sometimes, girls, in a fit of quarrel or just to point out to their young man his mistake, use expressions that can really hurt and even shake stability in relationships. Here are some phrases that should not be used in communication with men.

You don’t appreciate / understand me at all.

For your man to understand you better, just share your thoughts and experiences with him. Any situation can be resolved through adequate dialogue. It’s enough to say something like “Darling, something is bothering me. Let’s discuss it. ” In this case, the man will feel that his understanding is important to you, and he will try to penetrate your thought as much as possible. This will allow you to start a discussion of the problem in a positive way.

We need to talk about something.

The phrase, at first glance, is absolutely neutral, but most girls use it to stir up interest and make a man think that he did something wrong, or forgot something. Typically, these phrases are spoken over the phone when there is no way to discuss the problem here and now. Throwing thoughts in the head affects emotional calm and overall productivity. If the question is really serious, it would be better to say “We need to talk about …”. Knowing the subject of the problem, you can slowly think over everything and come to some kind of productive solution.

And here is my ex …

Any man is extremely offended by any comparison, especially with former partners. After such a comparison, the idea subconsciously arises that a woman does not value her chosen one and regrets the lost relationship. The phrase “A guy of Sveta …” can be attributed to the same category. Do not compare your relations with strangers, you do not know what is happening inside these very relations. And, perhaps, the guy of this very Sveta behaves differently, because she supports him and does not allow herself such comparisons.

Your hobbies are stupid and useless.

Any man in his soul always remains a child. We like to fool around and have fun at any age. And our hobbies are an outlet for us. Something that helps us relax and recharge. Therefore, no matter what your man’s hobby is, do not reproach him, because this is what brings him emotional comfort, which, in turn, favorably affects relationships.

You should…

Never use such phrases, because this is the worst phrase that can be said to any person. Man is by nature a freedom-loving creature. And when he hears such phrases from his companion, he will most likely be indignant. Anyway, relationships are a voluntary thing, therefore, they cannot have such conversations. You can say, “I would like you to …” If your chosen one really loves and appreciates you, he will listen and try to do everything to make you happy.

Any relationship is definitely hard work. Communicate, discuss problems, make decisions together. And then love and harmony will reign in the relationship.


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