Is it worth playing in a relationship

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — We all played various games in our childhood. Were these games just a prelude to fun in adulthood?

Standing up moves and strategies, counter-attacks, hide and seek … How often do we use childhood tricks to build relationships and, if this reality is a relationship, do we need to constantly play to maintain them?

Indeed, sometimes you want to simply, without thinking about the possible next move of the “opponent”, enjoy the moment and rare luxury – to be yourself. Participating in a mutual game, we often flirt, taking on someone else’s role, which does not at all correspond to our essence, but so fits the expectations of another. We get used to a foreign behavioral mask and everything so that our “puzzle” develops with the “puzzle” of the second player.

Thus, in most cases, we drive ourselves into a disadvantageous situation. In a situation where you need to open the cards, but you are afraid that by opening them, you will be stupid! This often happens.

This desire to get more, to get the impossible from the position that we actually occupy, pushes us to the game. A game with your own ideas and principles, a game with inner desires for the sake of such a treasured gain is the location of another person.

Sometimes the entry into the game occurs unknowingly. But when we deliberately build a strategy, isn’t it a lie? Lies to your own “I”, and the partner too? Maybe if you have to play, then the relationship is doomed to the end? After all, we cannot become truly happy in someone else’s guise with imposed thoughts and behavior. Happy two are those who are themselves and accept each other without any masks.

I am not for the utmost honesty, bordering on simplicity, but I am for people to remain who they are and always were frank and sincere in their actions and “moves.”


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