The fortuneteller told when the coronavirus vaccine will appear

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — One of the most pressing issues now is when will the coronavirus vaccine finally appear. We laid out four cards: for summer 2020, autumn 2020, winter 2020-21 and spring 2021, in order to understand whether it will appear in the coming year, and if so, when. You may also want to lay out your own cards to discover your own fortunes for the year ahead, just visit to find the best online tarot reader for you and you’re good to go. Without any further ado, this is what the cards answered.

Summer 2020 – Nine Coins

Very promising map. It means material gain, well-being, excellent health, life without problems in general. She also says that a lot of work has been done, and the result is very, very worthy. I can’t believe, of course, that the vaccine will be ready this summer, but the cards hint that something positive will be achieved. On the other hand, this may be the first stage of research and testing of the vaccine, however – it is very successful and abundant, effective. Or just hard work on the invention of a tool that will save, finally, the world.

Autumn 2020 – Nine Wands

This is a map of a large force of resistance to troubles, a map of a defensive position, an exposure card. It seems that in the fall we will again enter a difficult period, and there will still be no vaccine, but the condition will be this: a little more, and everything will be decided. This is a map of success that has not yet arrived, but which has almost come.

Winter 2020-21 – Seven Cups

I consider the seven cups to be a map of illusions, an escape from reality, but what concerns us about our question is that this map is closely connected with Neptune, and he, in turn, commands all the medicines, vaccines, chemistry and pharmacology. It seems that under the New Year 2021, Santa Claus will take pity on all of us and give the same remedy for coronavirus. Very, very hopeful!

Spring 2021 – The Hermit

The card speaks for itself: The Hermit is a card of isolation (no, not the fact that you will again have to be in quarantine, though …) and the period of study, research. It is possible that this will be a time to monitor the results of vaccination, the search for new methods of treatment, and protection against the virus. In any case, the Hermit always prepares us for the fact that social contacts will be limited, but the results of labor will be outstanding.

It turns out that the vaccine is likely to be invented next winter. At least that’s what the tarot cards think.


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