Phil Roiz – a man who drowned, visited the afterlife and returned back. Unusual case

(ORDO NEWS) — Not everyone recognizes this, but in our hearts each of us cannot but think about what awaits us beyond the threshold of death.

You can believe in the theory of evolution and that a person is just an animal that will turn to dust after death, or you can believe that we only live in mortal bodies, “booting” into them, like Windows into a computer, and death is not the end and the beginning of a new life.

It seems obvious to me why many people aggressively deny the possibility of reincarnation, because if they are not just animals with a short age, then there is beyond, they will ask for everything.

This case, which will be discussed below, is special and differs from what those who have been “there” but returned back usually talk about.

What he saw looks like a well-oiled process. Not just “Hell” and “Paradise”, heaven, angels and cherubs hovering around, but rather a well-established process, like in an automated enterprise.

In his case, those watching the process noticed the error and immediately returned him back, apparently it was too early for him to end his current life. No less interesting are his words that after the experience, he lost his desire for enrichment, a career and everything that is considered to be the “meaning of life.”

Obviously, those who run the world do not want people to stop living in a constant race of consumption – home, work-home. Therefore, official science has denied, denies and will continue to deny the facts about reincarnation.

Today I posted an article in which the hypothesis was expressed that the Moon is a “space ark” on which we once traveled long ago through the boundless space. Maybe we were looking for a new home, maybe we just wanted to found a new world, but in the end we ended up here – on Earth.

Interestingly, this man mentions the moon as a kind of transition point for souls from earth to “heaven” and back from heaven to body.

It’s very interesting, interesting to speculate about what all this could mean. There are many options. for example, this – we arrived here on the ark (Moon), during our journey in space, which lasted maybe millions of years, our bodies.

Even in suspended animation, became unusable, and maybe that’s why we went in search of a new world, because we lost the old one and lost the ability to live in a physical body, but we had robots and we had immortal souls (I fully admit that we created a technology for recording personality on a medium, like a program on a flash drive).

The robots terraformed the found world and created life here. Man was bred artificially for one purpose – to download his programs (souls) into him, in order to use the bodies as bio-robots, as shells for loading into them. If we are immortal and our soul matrices are stored on the Moon forever, then what else should immortal beings do, so as not to die of boredom – to live. Life after life – forever.

Most likely, we ourselves take part in choosing our next body, where we will live and how we will live. This is such an advanced version of the “matrix”. It is essentially a game of life. Maybe she has an ultimate goal, as in any computer game, or maybe not.

Maybe we are just playing, loading into bodies with a certain task, the ultimate goal of our life, and whether we achieve it or not, there will be a transition to the next level of the game or a rating downgrade and a new game in life, but with worse conditions.

This is just one of the options. Just food for thought. And now I recommend reading the memoirs of this man, very interesting:

A man named Phil Roiz said that after he drowned, he ended up in a kind of “waiting room” where there were other people who had just died. And then two mysterious humanoid figures brought him back to Earth.

In 2012, he got food poisoning and became very ill. While washing in the shower, he vomited, lost his balance and fell to the floor of the stall, hitting his head. But this was not the cause of his “death”, but the fact that when he fell, he firmly blocked the shower drain with his body, and the water began to quickly fill the cabin.

Roiz remembers how he tried to fight, but he had no strength at all, and the water ended up covering his face. And then he ended up in a strange place.

“The next thing I remember is I’m in a place that looks like a room, the size of a normal bedroom. There was the floor of my bathroom, but there were other people around me in other rooms,” he said.

“I saw that there were other people around me, to my right there was a guy who was on all fours and moaning. He looked like he also had food poisoning.

I also distinctly heard a woman moaning nearby, and I really could know, oh than she thinks She was sad because she died and she had little children she didn’t want to leave

I didn’t realize I wasn’t quite dead yet but I was obviously “in line for heaven” or where they go after death to relax or get out of their earthly body, or something like that.

It seemed like we all arrived here at the same time and it was like a big queue.

I have the impression that we are moving somewhere, perhaps to the spirit world or somewhere where you can get another body and come back through the moon to reincarnate or something. something like that”.

Phil Roiz lives in Dallas, Texas. He believes that he was poisoned by a stale packaged salad from the supermarket. At some point, already returning home, he felt very weak. Then he began to have stomach pains , vomiting appeared, and when he went to bed in the evening, he could not sleep for a long time.

And the next morning he went to the shower before work, and there it all happened to him. And he was almost ready to go where the other dead people went, but suddenly two humanoid beings appeared in front of him.

“These two creatures came up to the room where I was and looked down at me. They looked like men. I don’t remember their faces. I don’t remember if they had long hair and beards, or if they looked like angels or something like that, but I got the impression that they were humanoid, but still not quite like us.

The one on my right said to the one on my left: “What is he doing here? He doesn’t belong here. Send him back to the shower.”

And I immediately left my “room”, turned around and walked back through the tunnel of light. It was not a white light, but like colored lights. Then I “woke up” in my soul.

However, he has not returned to his body yet. Phil immediately understood this, as he did not feel any pain. Then he saw that he was looking down at his body, with only a small part of his head sticking out of the water. Everything looked so strange that Phil did not even immediately realize that he was looking at his own body.

But after a few moments, his body returned to Phil, and he finally found the strength to rise from the water. He was saved.

Phil says this incident changed him forever.

“I don’t worry about death anymore. I know that we continue to live and our soul lives forever, and we go to different places. I lost motivation for a career, for climbing the corporate ladder and earning big money. Many things no longer make sense to me.

Now I have no desire to have super-good material goods. I became a different person. I became much more spiritual, not religious, but much more spiritual than before.

In this experience, I did not see the Lord or God, our father, although I know that they exist – I just did not have much time.


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