Perseverance rover camera captures strange objects

(ORDO NEWS) — The landing of the Perseverance is one of the hot topics to this day. The event especially attracted ufologists, virtual archaeologists and conspiracy supporters.

After analyzing some of the images, it turned out that there was something strange in them. We are talking about man-made metal objects. Users did not exclude the possibility that the rover filmed its own part, for example, a heat shield.

At the same time, if you analyze the official landing map, the wreckage is far from the landing site of the rover.

It is interesting that many began to write not about aliens, but about another deception of the Americans. Allegedly, no one launched the device anywhere, and the pictures themselves are the skillful work of graphic designers.

Probably, the Lyuli are already accustomed to being told about the unreality of aliens, but at the same time they regularly throw in fresh materials. One gets the impression that earthlings are being led by the nose. This trick works especially well during space missions on bodies, where, in theory, life could exist.


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