Satellite images of northern Siberia baffled NASA scientists

(ORDO NEWS) — After NASA specialists looked at satellite images of the northern part of Siberia, they had a huge number of questions. The photos were taken by the Landsat 8 satellite and published on the official website of the space agency.

The pictures show the Marys River. On both sides of it there are incomprehensible stripes, which are smeared on steep slopes, and widen in genital areas. This feature can be seen at any time of the year, but it is especially visible in the winter.

Experts have suggested several versions of this phenomenon. Some scientists are confident that this area is located within the Arctic Circle.

Almost all the time it is covered with permafrost, which can melt from time to time and then freeze again. As a result, interesting patterns appear. It should be noted that in other places such drawings are not as large as in Siberia.

Researchers believe that in this region, the earth may have turned into gelisol. This means that the permafrost is under the layer of the earth. When the soil freezes and thaws again, the layers will be mixed in this way, which leads to the appearance of a striped pattern.

In turn, Thomas Cufford believes that such stripes are a reflection of the structure of sedimentary rocks, called “puff pastry geology.”


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