NASA’s Apollo 11 mission could lead to the death of life on Earth

(ORDO NEWS) — NASA‘s Apollo 11 mission could have ended in the death of all life on Earth. NASA took a very big risk when it landed astronauts on the satellite.

When people first started talking about sending people into space, many feared that contamination might occur. In addition, there were fears that astronauts returning back to Earth could bring with them some dangerous viruses or microorganisms that would cause the death of all life on our planet.

At the same time, the likelihood of such a development of events was minimal, because no one believed that life could exist on the moon. Astronomer Carl Sagan, in a report drawn up back in 1969, warned that astronauts must strictly adhere to quarantine measures after returning to Earth. Otherwise, the Apollo 11 mission could seriously harm people and the planet.

NASA began to get nervous after such statements and therefore nevertheless organized some quarantine measures. A special quarantine installation was installed on the spacecraft, which was supposed to pick up people after they disembark in the Pacific Ocean. Additionally, the astronauts had to be in self-isolation for three weeks after returning from the moon.


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