Pentagon has recognized another UFO video as genuine

(ORDO NEWS) — Unusually shaped objects flew over the US Navy in 2019.

On May 1, 2020, the US Naval Intelligence Agency prepared a secret briefing that analyzed evidence of encounters with unidentified flying objects.

The US Department of Defense does not consider UFOs as alien ships: the military is primarily interested in those objects that could not be identified: they can be devices of hostile countries, and are probably conducting reconnaissance or preparing an invasion.

The U.S. Navy often provides recordings of such encounters, and the 2019 footage has been found to be genuine. A short clip, filmed by the crew of USS Russell, shows three faintly luminous globes hovering over a warship, and in addition, a triangular object is caught in the lens flying at an altitude of about 210 meters.

Director Jeremy Corbell, who is collecting material for his website, was able to obtain and release this video. Due to the great public interest, the Pentagon had to comment on it: the press secretary of the department, Susan Gough, confirmed that the recording was genuine.

“I confirm that the mentioned photos and videos were made by the sailors of the US Navy. Intelligence is investigating all of these cases.”

Gough declined to disclose any details. According to her, this data will in any case be secret, since it is of interest to the enemy.


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