Pavel Globa the summer of 2022 will be a turning point in the fate of mankind

(ORDO NEWS) — Pavel Globa predicted inevitable changes for the signs of the zodiac All representatives of the zodiac circle need to prepare for surprises and unexpected changes.

The summer of 2022 threatens to be a turning point in the fate of mankind. This was stated by the famous astrologer Pavel Globa.

According to him, right now the scenario of the next two years, connected with the cycle of warlike Mars, is beginning to unfold.

Already in August, Mars will connect with Uranus, which increases the likelihood of serious social and natural disasters, including riots, revolutions and a food crisis. Moreover, according to Globa, the crisis threatens all countries.

– In the near future, a kind of moment of truth, some kind of significant event may come, – said Pavel Globa.

The astrologer recalled that back in 1998 he spoke about the high probability of the collapse of the European Union. He believes that it is not yet necessary to talk about the onset of sustainable peace.

For all signs of the Zodiac, the Sun in the Grand Cross and the midpoints between eclipses threaten to make August 2022 completely unpredictable. This will be the month when the rules of the game will change dramatically on a global scale.

– Apparently, this August may turn out to be just as hot and eventful on a large scale, – said Pavel Globa and stressed that in the last month of summer, all plans can be realized exactly the opposite.

Earlier, Pavel Globa predicted that in 2023-2024, earthlings will witness a curious phenomenon: a huge number of reports of UFOs will appear .


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