A woman rented a car and found the body of the previous driver in it

(ORDO NEWS) — In the Irish county of Kilkenny, a girl rented a car and found the decomposed corpse of the previous driver inside the trunk. The monstrous find, made on July 18, was reported in the Daily Star.

It is noted that the Irish woman decided to use the services of the GoCar service, which provides cars for rent. The local resident did not have time to go far: during the trip, a strange smell began to bother her.

At first it seemed to her that it smelled of gasoline, and perhaps the vehicle had some problems with the engine.

The driver stopped in the village and decided to look into the trunk, where, to her horror, she found the decomposed corpse of an unknown person.

It turned out that the 40-year-old man was the previous tenant of the car. He was reported missing two weeks before an Irish woman found his remains.

The GoCar service declined to comment on what happened, as well as to answer the question of whether the car was checked before handing it over to a new client.

How the man ended up in the trunk and what caused his death is now forensic scientists to find out.


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