Unknown life forms discovered in ancient lava caves in Hawaii

(ORDO NEWS) — In lava tubes, volcanic vents and geothermal caves on the island of Hawaii, life forms unknown to science have been discovered – in particular, extremophile microorganisms that exist in pitch darkness.

The researchers analyzed samples that were collected in cave ecosystems on the island of Hawaii in 2006-2009. and 2017-2019.

The analysis made it possible to discover life forms that have not been described anywhere. Scientists sequenced seventy DNA samples, but could not correlate the results with any high certainty with the species described in the scientific literature.

According to the authors of the scientific work, in caves, lava tubes and volcanic vents on the island of Hawaii there are unique ecosystems in which so far unexplored microorganisms live.

Given the fact that life in caves is maintained in conditions of eternal darkness and poisonous air composition, we are talking about extremophile bacteria.

In recent years, extremophiles have increasingly become the object of scientific interest. It is assumed that the study of such living organisms will make it possible to understand exactly where to look for manifestations of microbial life on other planets.


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