Oumuamua may be a space iceberg

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(ORDO NEWS) — Discovered in 2017, Oumuamua haunts astronomers, because an object discovered in the Solar System cannot be accurately classified as an asteroid or comet. Yale University astrophysicists believe the mysterious object can be a huge space iceberg.

According to the new theory, a cigar-shaped asteroid has the inherent features of an interstellar iceberg. As part of the study, experts decided to trace the origin of the cosmic body to a massive “star nursery”. The latter is a giant molecular cloud stretching for hundreds of light years and containing enough gas to form thousands of stars.

These nurseries can be sources of hydrogen icebergs resembling Oumuamua.

According to Darryl Seligman, an expert at the University of Chicago, in spite of the somewhat exotic nature of the hydrogen iceberg, he can explain every strange thing in interstellar Oumuamua. If the theory of astrophysicists and Seligman is true, then the mysterious asteroid is the first hydrogen iceberg.

Using the hydrogen iceberg theory, scientists will be able to understand how Oumuamua got such an unusual shape.

After the dispersal of the core of the molecular cloud and the iceberg drift, it is constantly in the zone of “attack” of cosmic radiation, which leads to breaking off of its parts from the cosmic body. This can cause a more elongated shape.


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