How to lose weight with green tea

(ORDO NEWS) — Named a real way to lose weight with green tea. To lose extra pounds, it is important not only to engage in active sports, but also to eat properly and balanced. The diet should include a maximum of healthy foods.

Specialists call green tea one of the best drinks for weight loss. We tell you how to drink it in order to achieve a result.

Green tea accelerates the process of losing weight thanks to the catechin. This substance improves metabolism by breaking down old body fat. The leaves also contain polyphenols. They enhance heat transfer, which leads to a decrease in adipose tissue.

In addition, the drink has a diuretic effect. Thanks to this, the body is cleansed of toxins and toxins. Green tea also helps reduce hunger, as it normalizes blood glucose levels.

In order for the drink to benefit in losing weight, you need to adhere to certain rules.

According to experts, you need to drink 3–6 cups of green tea per day to achieve the effect. You need to do this before eating, so after tea you will eat less food.

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