Watermelon seeds turned out to be “the perfect superfood”

(ORDO NEWS) — Low calorie content, a beneficial effect on the body and the ability to effectively quench thirst – as it turned out, these are not all the positive qualities of watermelon. The bones of this berry, according to the online publication “Actual News”, turned out to be an almost perfect superfood.

Watermelon seeds are not accepted, but in vain. In them, as scientists have established, many extremely useful substances for the human body – for example, vitamins of group B, iron and other trace elements, unsaturated fatty acids, and so on. Plus, watermelon bones contain fiber, which is very beneficial for the gastrointestinal tract.

In order for the bones of watermelon to be effectively absorbed by the body and not irritate the intestines, they must be thoroughly chewed. But do not immediately try to eat too many seeds – it is better to start with moderate portions.

These recommendations were shared by experts of the Federal Center for Nutrition in Germany, who studied the benefits of watermelon seeds.

It is interesting that the inhabitants of some Arab countries know about the benefits of watermelon seeds. Here it is customary to dry or fry watermelon seeds, and then add them to salads and soups, as well as to pastries.

Watermelon seeds, by the way, can be crushed in a coffee grinder, and then add the resulting powder to different dishes. In addition, you can even make tea from dried seeds.


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