NEXT 10 YEARS: there may be a catastrophe that will destroy the global economy

(ORDO NEWS) — COVID-19 was to some extent the first pandemic to fully affect the entire global economy. But experts are confident that a real catastrophe may occur within the next 10 years, which will completely destroy the world economy. Experts have suggested several different scenarios for the development of events at once.

Four different scenarios were proposed for the development of events in the future and how exactly they could affect the world economy and, in general, all of humanity. Deutsche Bank has suggested that a pandemic could occur in the next decade, causing more than two million deaths.

There is also the risk of a giant volcanic eruption, a major solar flare, or a war that will capture most of the countries.

The most dangerous options are a pandemic and a large volcanic eruption, which can easily paralyze the activities of the most powerful states. Do not forget about the risks that may come from outer space.

For example, an incredible flash can occur on the Sun, which will affect the entire planet. This can be explained by the fact that almost all modern technologies operate on electronics. A strong flash can damage the electronics and take a long time to resolve. During this period, the world economy will have time to suffer catastrophic losses.

Another scenario is the outbreak of a global war or an accident involving nuclear weapons. Of course, such a scenario received the least chance of its development, but it should not be ruled out. Experts said a few words about the asteroid impact.

They added that there are too many risks that could negatively affect the global economy and should be kept in mind.


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