It began to fall apart: a concrete block fell off the Chinese Three Gorges Dam

(ORDO NEWS) — For several months now, 400 million Chinese have been living in constant stress: the world’s largest dam can collapse under the influence of large water.

For almost the entire summer, the authorities have been trying to cope with the disaster, reassuring the population that everything is under control. In fact, the situation is sad: the other day the authorities made a video report from the dam, whereas earlier it was behind seven locks. While watching the video, people noticed that a concrete block fell off the hydroelectric power station.

Water comes every day, with floods usually peak in August.

This means that local residents will have to endure a swamp for a long time, in which they were mired in early summer. It was hard for those citizens who live downstream of the Yangtze: not only does all the water flow to them, but also the dam can break at any moment.

Earlier, some Western media managed to take pictures of the Three Gorges Dam. They clearly showed how the structure was being destroyed. Then the Chinese authorities called everything a fake and called not to trust the West.

As a result, if anyone lied, it was only the authorities of the Celestial Empire. All information from official China appears with a very long delay. This means that the destruction can occur as early as a month.

On the screenshot, a piece of concrete fell off the base of the dam due to the accelerated operation of the spillway.

The structure is always strengthened, but at the moment it is impossible to do this. So far, it is impossible to say for sure whether the dam will collapse or not. The process of destruction began long ago and, most likely, it will continue until the end of August.


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