New nuclear submarine developed in North Korea

The leader of the DPRK Kim Jong-un made several loud statements at the Congress of the Workers' Party of Korea.

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(ORDO NEWS) — North Korea already has nuclear weapons, and a nuclear submarine will soon appear. Kim Jong-un announced the creation of such a submarine.

The first congress of the Korean Workers’ Party since 2016, which has been held in Pyongyang since January 5, has become the venue for the announcement of the DPRK’s new plans for the development of its own army. As the head of North Korea Kim Jong-un said, the country sees Russia and China as its friends, and the United States remains the main enemy. To combat which new weapons have been developed.

“The development of a new nuclear submarine has been completed, which is an example of modernization and opens up a confident prospect for the naval forces to significantly increase the level of current capabilities for military operations under water,” RIA Novosti quotes the report of the North Korean leader, read out by him at the 8th party congress.

According to Kim Jong-un, the country’s nuclear submarine will change the balance of military forces in the region. There are no details about the new DPRK submarine so far, and it is only known that it should enter final tests in the near future, after which it will be officially commissioned as part of the Korean People’s Army’s Naval Forces, which now have only diesel-electric submarines.

As noted by the DPRK Central Telegraph Agency, we are also talking about the development of a new unmanned aerial vehicle with a range of up to 500 km, which is planned to be used for reconnaissance purposes, as well as the modernization of existing nuclear missiles. Their flight range is going to be increased to 15,000 km, which will allow them to hit targets on the mainland of the United States. North Korea also intends to make more compact nuclear warheads for shorter-range missiles.


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