New method for treating coronavirus is patented

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — It became known that scientists from the UAE have patented a new method for treating coronavirus. So, according to the Emirate News Agency, it is based on the use of stem cells.

“The patent was issued for the treatment of COVID-19 using an innovative stem cell collection, which consists in extracting stem cells from the patient’s own blood and reintroducing them after activation,” the official report says.

A patent will grant the UAE scientists propriety rights to this treatment of COVID-19. This then means that other scientists will be unable to make, use, or sell this particular treatment for the risk of then being accused of patent infringement.

Many people use a patent attorney to help protect their ideas and inventions from people who might try to steal them. They can ensure that all paperwork is filed correctly, allowing these scientists to continue their research without the worry of others being able to take credit for the work.

With the pandemic still ongoing and the pressure to find a suitable treatment growing, it is understandable why these scientists feel the need to patent their work.

It is known that the patent in question was issued to scientists from the Stem Cell Center in Abu Dhabi by the country’s Ministry of Economy.

It is known that the new method involves inhaling the dispersed atomization of a manufactured substance.

Scientists believe that thanks to this treatment, lung cells will be stimulated to recover, while the body, however, will be able to produce antibodies to eliminate the overreaction of the immune system to COVID-19.


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