NDE is a nightmare for a stroke patient

(ORDO NEWS) — Maria S.’s health problems began in the late winter of 1995. At first she saw strange streaks, then headaches appeared that did not stop. One morning, the woman completely lost consciousness, reports the Near-Death Experience Foundation (NDERF).

Maria said that she saw herself on the floor, and her daughter was sitting next to her. The woman herself hung under the very ceiling, and then returned to her body.

This was repeated several times. Then Maria was already over the city. She was scared and started screaming loudly, but no one paid attention to her screams. Suddenly, the woman returned to her body again. She immediately called her husband and told what had happened, and then fainted again.

This time she was at a great height and saw the entire planet in full.

An unfamiliar voice began to calm her down and say that everything will be fine.

The woman, however, could not understand whether she had already died or could still return back to the body. When Maria woke up again, they had already called an ambulance and taken to the hospital. She could not move or speak. Doctors diagnosed the woman with a stroke. In the hospital, Maria lost consciousness again, flew around the building and returned back to her body.

Soon she still managed to recover, but had to re-learn to speak, walk and even eat. Such an experience, according to the woman, became a real nightmare for her, because she did not know if she could once again return to her body.


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