New snapshot of the top-secret “Area 51” has appeared on the Internet

(ORDO NEWS) — The name of the secret US military base “Area 51” has almost become a household name for objects where experiments on aliens are allegedly carried out. Many people around the world believe in these rumors.

There was a time when the Americans were going to seize the base.

A mysterious object that was never conquered is located in the Nevada desert. The authorities have a ban on any filming, but it does not prevent private jet pilots from taking photographs of the area.

So, on December 30, a snapshot of the testing and training ground of Zone 51 appeared on the Web, which was recognized as the clearest and most detailed.

New snapshot of the top secret Area 51 has appeared on the Internet 2

Photo taken by pilot Bob Richardson. Internet users zoomed the picture, taking many close-up shots. Nothing mystical or related to aliens could be seen.

Area 51 is a military training base, authorities said. No alien technology is being developed there, and experiments on aliens are not being carried out.


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