Native Americans and star people

(ORDO NEWS) — Dr. Ardie Sixkiller Clark, Cherokee Professor Emeritus at Montana State University, has spent years researching Star People stories and gathering information about encounters between them and Native Americans.

Indigenous peoples do not consider these stories to be myths, and moreover, contacts continue to this day, although not as openly and intensively as before.

“The Star People came to us many generations ago. The Star People brought spiritual teachings, practical knowledge, astronomy and space maps, and they offered them for free.

They were kind, loving and set a great example. When they left us, it was for our people unimaginable loneliness.

Modern Indians call them “Gods of Heaven”. They are in contact with indigenous peoples in our time. For example, in the 40s, a spaceship landed in New Mexico, and the Indians hid an alien so that the authorities would not seize him.

Darren of the Navajo Indian Reservation told Clark that:

“I am not the first in my family to see the Sky Gods. My grandfather and a few of his friends stumbled upon an alien wandering the desert in New Mexico.

They realized that he was one of the Heavenly Gods and hid him from the government soldiers. But he died and was buried.”

“Once I saw an alien. He came to my grandfather’s house. When I saw him, I was scared, but then I did not know that he was an alien. He was a stranger. I was afraid of all strangers.

So I ran inside and told my grandfather that there was a man outside. My grandfather turned off the burner on his stove and went outside. They were talking.

Then my grandfather came inside and told me to go with him. I went outside, and the alien leaned against the wall and looked at a small metal object. He told me not to be afraid. He said it’s all right.

He was tall. He was dark. Dark skin and dark eyes. I have never seen his hair. His clothes were brown and fitted. He had an odd pair of boots. Pants were tucked in. The boots had pointed toes.

They were the same color as the suit. I have never seen such clothes. Gloves covered his hands, and there was some kind of covering on his head that looked like some kind of hood, but it was very tight, like an elastic band.

He spoke with my grandfather. We went with him to the canyon. My grandfather stopped several times and checked the footprints. They led to a large ship on the other side of the ridge.

This is what my grandfather told me. He was part of a small research group. They split up and he went up one canyon while the rest went in other directions.

He had some equipment that was supposed to return him to the ship, but it stopped working. He came to our house for help. My grandfather and I took him back to his ship.

My grandfather said that when he was a boy, there were many stories about Star People, but this was only the second time he saw them.

Basically he talked about how they were friendly and did not want to harm us. Grandfather called them our ancestors. He said that they have been visiting Earth since the beginning of time. They come to remind us that everything is in harmony. He called them “Sowers of the Seeds of Life”

They brought the seeds to Earth to see if they would grow and then returned to test them. Grandfather meant plants, animals and people. Grandpa told him that “they brought animals.

The ship was round. Dull silver colors. There were no windows. Only the door, and when it closed you couldn’t see where the door was.

When we approached the ship, other heavenly gods came out of it. They went out and greeted their friend. I watched him turn to my grandfather as if he were representing him.

The other Star People bowed and stood there for a while and talked to him, but I didn’t understand anything. When they boarded the ship, my grandfather told me that we should move to a safe distance.

Then we watched as the ship moved upwards. Didn’t even raise any dust. This was the most amazing thing for me. When the wind blows, there is always dust, but when the ship took off from the earth, there was no dust.

For some reason, I realized that there is nothing normal in this situation. I was still afraid of strangers, but these strangers were not like the ones I saw in the city. They were different. I held my grandfather’s hand the whole way home. For some reason it was safer that way.

Darren says that Starman has appeared two more times. The last time his grandfather was in his 80s, he was sick and unwell and lay in bed.

It was late at night when Starman appeared suddenly without warning. He walked over to my grandfather’s bed and leaned over to him. After a minute or two, he left.

Grandpa said that the Starman had come to say that they were waiting for him. Three days later my grandfather died in the city hospital. A few hours before he died, he told me that they would come for him.”


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