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(ORDO NEWS) — There is a very interesting film from 1971 called Andromeda Strain. It is interesting for its plot, which, after so many years since the appearance of this film, began to coincide very much with the real events of recent years.

This is the discovery of viruses penetrating from outer space to us on Earth, and strange outbreaks of a mysterious pandemic…

I have watched this film many times, but only today I noticed one very unusual moment. In one of the shots, a UFO appears. This happens in the scene at 22:47 in the movie.

It is interesting that the appearance of this UFO hanging in stealth mode over a village filled with suddenly dead people who do not know why in the film script itself is not mentioned in any way, as well as in the book of the same name.

And the filmmakers never said that this scene was in the film at all. Everything happens so fast that it is only a flash in the sky, which is even difficult to notice. But the character of the film, raises his head and looks at the sky, as if he saw something that surprised him, and then this flash occurs.

A moment and the story goes on. But if you slow down the video, it becomes clear that an object invisible to an observer from the ground hangs in the sky in one place, it becomes visible only for a split second when it reflects sunlight with its body.

UFO appeared in the frame by accident?

A person is looking at the sky at this very moment, so this cannot be an accident.

UFO appears in the frame because it is the idea of ​​the filmmakers?

Yes, apparently so, but the creators themselves did not say anything about this, so what’s the point of inserting a UFO into the film, which simply no one will see.

In 1971, when the film was released, it was simply impossible to notice this flash of light lasting a fraction of a second on the cinema screen.

To see not only a flash, but the fact that this is a glare on the body of a “flying saucer” hanging over the town in stealth mode, you can only slow down the playback, not to mention the fact that it is an incredible accident to pay attention to this at all.

Is this a message to the future?

At a time when people will be able to see what the filmmakers have hidden? What did they want to warn us about? Read the plot of the film and think, don’t the recent events remind you of anything described in the plot?

The plot of the film in brief:

A military satellite from the Scoop series, after being hit by a micrometeorite, went out of orbit and fell near the small town of Piedmont in Arizona. A curious resident opened up the satellite before the military team arrived, and an unknown disease broke free.

All the inhabitants of the town died or went crazy and committed suicide, only the old man and the baby survived. Under the “Wildfire” program designed to prevent a worldwide epidemic of extraterrestrial microorganisms, the military gathered a group of the best volunteer scientists and placed them in a secret underground base.

The goal of the group is to find out what a dangerous pathogen is and how to deal with it.

In the course of studying the deadly microorganism, called the “Andromeda strain”, it turned out that he is a representative of a crystalline form of extraterrestrial life, susceptible to radiation and accelerates its growth under the influence of radiation, directly converting energy into matter.

He probably developed this ability in such an environment where sufficiently strong cosmic rays act.

It is extremely dangerous – when inhaling contaminated air, it multiplies rapidly, affecting the walls of blood vessels. As a result, he is able to kill test animals in a few seconds, causing complete blood clotting of the entire body.

If coagulation did not occur immediately due to some characteristics of the organism, then massive damage to the walls of blood vessels led to the slow death of the nervous system.

Hall guesses that the reproduction of the virus in the human body occurs only in a very narrow range of blood pH, which is characteristic of normal people.

The surviving old man suffered from an ulcer and, in addition, constantly used denatured alcohol and aspirin, which increased the acidity of his blood. The child was constantly crying, which increased the pH of the blood.

Further events develop rapidly: instead of blood vessels, the mutated microorganism begins to corrode polymers, including insulating rubber gaskets, violating the tightness of the premises.

And although the strain is no longer an immediate threat to the animals, the automation treats the station as largely “infected”. According to the program, the nuclear bomb timer is automatically turned on, which only Dr. Hall can turn off.

Scientists understand that the energy of the explosion will give the strain a tremendous boost in reproduction and mutation: “Thousands of its varieties will appear and each of them will kill in its own way.”

However, they are completely isolated in the sector of the station, where there is no timer shutdown panel.

Falling under the fire of ligamine darts of automatic weapons of the security system installed to prevent the escape of experimental animals, Dr. Hall rises through the central shaft to the next level and, being on the verge of death, using superhuman efforts, disables the nuclear mine.

The wind carries clouds of a so far harmless mutation of the Andromeda strain to the ocean. Hall, waking up, learns that the crisis has passed, but Andromeda is still on the station, and scientists continue to study it.


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