NASA secretly launched a rocket to deflect an asteroid?

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — As everyone knows today, on April 29 of this year, an asteroid will fly very close to Earth, the sizes of which range from 2 to 4 kilometers. It will fly at a distance of six million kilometers from our planet, so there is allegedly no reason for concern.

But some astronomers and conspiracy theorists have a different opinion on this matter. Initially, quarantine due to coronavirus in many countries was scheduled until April 30.

This seems strange to them, and a coincidence can hardly be called that. On April 23, NASA uploaded images from the radar and added that it was closely following the flight of the asteroid. But the public did not like it, because the radar can see only a few thousand kilometers, and the distance to the asteroid is clearly greater.

Another March 30 missile was launched in Florida. They said it was a special military satellite, the launch of which could not be postponed, even taking into account the presence of quarantine in the country. It is worth noting that some time ago, at a small distance from our planet, another small asteroid flew, which became already 31 since the beginning of the year. A logical question arises: where do they come from and is there something else bigger?

No one can give an answer to this question and therefore it remains only to wait on April 29th. If NASA expects a blow of a certain number, then quarantine will continue more than once, capturing the date of the fall of the asteroid.


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