Dear surgeon said that the human body did not go through evolution

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — The human body has a special device. Some systems cannot function without others, which means that they appeared simultaneously. But then the evolutionary theory will turn out to be wrong, because it involves a gradual change in the human body.

Surgeon Joseph Koon published an article about 8 years ago called Criticizing Darwinism. This work throughout this time causes a huge amount of controversy between scientists. In his work, Kuhn completely refuted Darwin’s theory, using the medical law “All or Nothing” as evidence for everyone, and citing as an example how cells react to stimuli.

The cell will respond to the stimulus only if it reaches a certain threshold. According to the surgeon, such a law can be attributed to the entire body and systems that support its rather complex functioning. Kuhn is considered a very respected specialist, so his assumptions are simply impossible to drop and forget.

All the doctor’s assumptions can be attributed to the theory of creationism – the creation of man by God. As an example, Kuhn used the work of another specialist, Jeffrey Simmons, who described “all or nothing” for the human body. He is also convinced that all organs and systems must initially be present in the body so that it can fully function.

It is worth noting that evolution today does not have any proven explanation of how even one indivisible system came about. What can we say about the whole complex of such systems. Kuhn added that for the evolution of one person it would take hundreds of times more time than natural selection or random mutation.


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