The coronavirus outbreak will disappear on its own: the scientist put forward an unexpected theory

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — To date, the number of people infected in the world has almost reached three million. According to Isaac Ben-Israel of the University of Tel Aviv, the authorities of different countries do not need to take any measures, as the virus suddenly appears and just as quickly “leaves”.

According to the scientist, the number of infected people increases rapidly in the first 40 days of the “arrival” of the strain, then a peak is reached and the coronavirus disappears.

This trend, according to the observations of Isaac Ben-Israel, can be traced in many countries. Purely ill patients after an outbreak increase by about 30% per week. The peak occurs after 6 weeks, and then the disease recedes, there is a decrease in the incidence of 10%. Each subsequent week, the growth of patients does not exceed 5%. After 70 days, no trace remains of the strain.

The professor is not able to explain what this behavior of the virus is associated with. Perhaps it has some kind of restraining “mechanism.” Other scholars have completely criticized Isaac’s findings. They noted that if the authorities had not introduced quarantine, then the number of cases would be in the tens or hundreds of thousands.


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