NASA is going to send a man to Mars by 2040

(ORDO NEWS) — American specialists have set themselves another ambitious task. NASA has begun preparations to send a man to Mars. This should happen by 2040.

In 2021, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) recognized the backlog from the Artemis expedition plan announced by the organization itself, as part of the third part of which a man should return to the moon.

According to the adjusted schedule, the Artemis III mission, which should end with the landing of astronauts on the surface of the Moon, will take place no earlier than 2025.

However, NASA is making plans for the longer term. The head of the organization, Bill Nelson, announced the intention of the United States to deliver a man to Mars by 2040.

“Our plan is for a man to walk on the surface of Mars by 2040,” said the head of NASA after the release of the organization’s draft budget for 2023 fiscal year.

In preparation for landing a man on Mars, NASA specialists will have to develop new engines for the spacecraft and ways to protect it when entering the atmosphere of the Red Planet for a safe landing on its surface, as well as to solve the issues of supporting the life of people on another planet.

NASA is going to send a man to Mars by 2040 2

Bill Nelson explained that the exploration of the moon could be an intermediate step to conquer the solar system. It is possible that a base will be organized on the satellite of the Earth, which will help to develop mankind, including Mars.

How NASA is preparing to send a man to Mars

In 2021, the Mars Dune Alpha project was launched, in which “highly motivated people” will participate in a year-long experiment of living on a model of the surface of Mars.

Participants will live for a year in a 157-square-meter ICON 3D-printed module in complete isolation in the Red Planet’s artificial habitat.

The module for the project will be built at the NASA Space Center in Houston. Inside, each of the four crew members will have their own sleeping quarters. Also in the module will be workplaces, medical stations and laboratories for growing food.


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