NASA: Eternal rain awaits the earth

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US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — Scientists said that climate change on Earth is much more global than officially announced. And in the near future a huge amount of rain awaits the planet.

The publication Nature Communications, which publishes the results of the work of many NASA scientists, reports that, according to NASA experts, weather forecasters now incorrectly calculate the amount of precipitation.

Scientists believe that there are currently shifts in the air flow on the planet, and meteorologists do not take into account the ongoing reduction of high-altitude clouds over the tropics. It is because of the movement of clouds on Earth that the amount of precipitation increases.

NASA is confident that climate change on the planet is much more global than officially announced. And the reason for this is the movement of clouds over the tropics.

Experts assure that thanks to an improved model for studying such natural phenomena, they will be able to explore new natural phenomena in more detail.


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