Global warming will turn the Sahara into a blooming garden

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — In today’s desert, rainfall will increase significantly.

Already in the next century, the arid regions of the Sahara desert can become much greener and rainy if, as a result of global warming, the temperature on the planet rises by more than two degrees Celsius.

This forecast was made by experts from Germany and the United States under the leadership of Jacob Scheve from the Institute for Climatological Research in Potsdam.

Experts suggest that the Sahara, which today is one of the driest and most lifeless places on the planet, was far from always – during some periods of the Earth’s history a lot of vegetation appeared on it, however, when the climate changed again, the situation again became the same, as today.

Scientists believe that if global warming does not slow down, oddly enough, this could have a beneficial effect on the region called the Sahel, which is the southern outskirts of the Sahara. As shown by a number of climate models prepared by specialists, if drought occurs in many other parts of the world as a result of climate change, the Sahel, on the contrary, will become more fertile and suitable for agriculture.

This will happen due to the fact that in the new climatic conditions the nature of the movement of monsoons off the coast of Africa will change, so that much more moisture will enter the Sahel.

According to the forecast of the researchers, if the global average temperature overcomes a certain “milestone”, the Sahel will become significantly more “green” in just five years or even in an even shorter period. At the current rate of global warming, this can happen at the end of the 21st century, scientists emphasize.

A new study was published in the journal Earth System Dynamics.

Despite the fact that, for example, this summer cannot be called hot in many regions of Russia, scientists claim that the threat of global warming provoked by man is becoming more significant.

In this regard, in recent years, a number of climatologists, as well as other specialists, have called for focusing on the implementation of the Paris Climate Agreement, concluded in 2015. By the way, a little over a month ago, Donald Trump announced the US withdrawal from this agreement.


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