The first drawing in the field discovered south of England in 2020

US, WASHINGTON (ORDO NEWS) — The drawing is complex, with a diameter of about 60 meters, consists of a large circle enclosed in the wings of an angel and a heart.

The person who discovered the picture wished to remain anonymous, as well as the place where the pictogram appeared. Therefore, the exact location of the picture is currently unknown.

There is only a date of discovery – May 25, 2020. Somewhere in the south of England.

The person who discovered the drawing and posted its pictures wrote:

“What do I see in this pictogram? I see an angel, I see love and care. I also see a keyhole. A look at our future. We need more love and tolerance for each other and for the world in which we live.

I see this as respect and love for all those who gave their lives to treat people during this period of the pandemic. I see a message that there will be a better future.

Finally, given the huge number of people who want to visit the circle, I can’t reveal its location, so as not to provoke people to violate the regime of self-isolation.

Last night I stumbled upon this drawing while I was in the area, and I was surprised that no one had discovered it before me. I have no idea how long he is there. But I’m sure that it has existed for several days in this field of wheat.”

The circle is beautiful, but the fact that the place of discovery is kept secret, as well as the fact that the person who discovered it, even bothered to give its explanation of the semantic composition of this picture, causes great doubts about its anomalous origin.

Perhaps this is a kind of flash mob in support of doctors struggling with coronavirus.


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